If the news quoted in some of the national media are to be believed, Telangana Chief Minister K Chandra Sekhar Rao has directly took on with L&T Metro MD VB Gadgil on the leaked letter issue. KCR is particularly not very happy with Gadgil’s mention of the project not being viable after the state division and may be become viable if Hyderabad is made a Union Territory or join capital forever. KCR looked about the mention and the leak as an intention to damage the reputation of Telangana and threatened Gadgil saying ‘He has n-number of firms ready to take up the project and will not hesitate to remove L&T out of the project.

According to the popular media sources KCR indeed made this statement. However this action of the Chief Minister will do the new state more bad than good as the investor sentiment will be badly hit with this action. It does not end here. Most Corporate giants have their own lobbies to verify the truth in the incident and may rethink over their decision to invest in the state feeling it difficult to deal with the offending Chief Minister.

L&T is one of the premiere companies in the country and taking on it directly will only backfire. KCR may have n-companies to execute the project but any such move will tangle Hyderabad Metro in legal problems between the concessionaire and the government. And delay due to such legal issues will delay the project as well as belittle the prestige of the state as well as the government.