KCR Expecting Success With Old Strategy-Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhara Rao went for an early election in his last term in order to not to give the Opposition a chance to prepare. The elections have come four-five months early and TRS came to power once again. Now rumors in the political circles are that KCR is thinking of the same strategy once again.

Telangana is supposed to go for elections in 2023-end but the Chief Minister is contemplating resigning and go for the elections in 2022 itself. If the 2018 game plan is not to give time for Congress, this time it is for the BJP. The Saffron Party even though is making its presence felt in the urban areas, is still weak in the rural areas.

The plan of early elections is to not give BJP time to strengthen there. Also, it is natural to have anti-incumbency in the second time. Early elections will prevent that from happening. But there is no reason that a strategy that worked in 2018 should work in 2022 as well.

If it backfires, TRS will lose one year of power which is massive for any political party. Also, it has to be seen how people will receive going for early elections every time.