KCR- school reopenTelangana Government’s decision to reopen the schools did not go well with the parents. It is drawing huge flak since there are reports that the third wave may infect the children most. Making the fears of the parents worse, there is a serious report from Khammam.

As per the recent fever survey conducted in Khammam, there has been a gradual increase in the number of children, between the ages 0 and 12, getting infected by COVID-19. While a total of 800 children tested positive for the virus in April and May, the number has shot up and around 1,480 children have tested positive for Covid in June, till Monday.

What makes it worse is that most of these cases are asymptomatic and that means there is more danger that they can spread it to the other children in schools. Furthermore, the rainy season is here and fevers are most common among children. So, there is always an issue of the symptoms of COVID-19 and fever gets confused.

It’s better the Government reconsiders its decision or they are keeping the children at risk. This is totally unnecessary for the government especially when there is already a substantial anti-incumbency against it.