KCR-Does-Perfect-Ground-Work-for-Snap-PollsTelangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhara Rao is likely to dissolve the State Assembly on September 6th or 15th. KCR is planning to call for a One or Two Days Assembly Session in the first week of September and will explain the rationale behind the dissolution.

After the Huge Public Meeting planned on September 2nd, the Cabinet will meet and recommend to the Governor to dissolve the house. CM KCR is expecting the state to get election notification along with four other states going for elections this year end.

The elections may happen between December 26th to 29th. Election Commission is planning to complete the entire exercise by December 31st. The new government will be formed in January mostly before the Sankranthi if everything goes well.

KCR is gearing up to announce a slew of boons to several sections of the society before dissolving the Assembly as the last bid to attract the voters. The Telangana Chief Minister is confident of winning at least 100 seats which will be a sensation if happens. Even at the heights of Telangana Sentiment, TRS did not manage to touch 70 seats.