Finally TRS cleared air about a possible merger with Congress Party. KCR made it clear that TRS will not be merging with Congress since the later did not give the asked for ‘No Conditions Telangana’. However this announcement will disappoint Telugu Desam Party and Bharatiya Janta Party more than Congress. With TRS and Congress contesting separately, these parties will be contenders for First and Second position in most constituencies.

And now BJP and TDP will be only confined to Third and Fourth places in the areas where sentiment is high. In such case, opposition is successfully eliminated in Telangana region. This move from KCR will most likely force an alliance between BJP and TDP at least to get hold of the seats like Hyderabad and Southern Telangana where settlers are high. On the other side, jumpings from TDP to TRS continue. TRS sources say several other TDP MLAs will be joining TRS in the next few days.