KCR Did Not Bring Any Change to Telangana?The recent collapse of G+6 Building in Nanakramguda, Hyderabad is a testimony of the bad Town Planning and illegal constructions in the city. Three months ago, GHMC had launched a massive demolition drive against illegal constructions but it all ended up as a photo-op stunt which is evident from the recent building collapse.

Officials say political leaders used their influence to put a spanner in the crackdown. A majority of the Builders who are promoting the illegal structures have joined en masse in TRS before the GHMC elections and using their clout to stop the demolition drives in the city and for that commoners are paying the price.

The Chief Minister himself indicated that there were at least 28,000 illegal structures located on 173 storm water drains in GHMC’s limits and ordered a crackdown. The government will be hugely embarrassed if one asks about how many illegal structures were razed down since then. Sad that things are very much same even when the state is attained.