Secretariat Vaastu Telangana Hyderabad - KCR Heir KTR Harish RaoThe main opposition party in Telangana, Congress is trying its level best to corner the Chief Minister in Secretariat Demolition issue. Besides filing a case in Hyderabad High Court, Congress Leaders have started allegations on the Chief Minister by bringing up a conspiracy theory on the Secretariat Demolition.

They say all the Chief Ministers who worked out of the current Secretariat buildings were not able to get their heirs on the CM seat. Only NTR had to put up his son-in-law, Chandrababu Naidu into the CM seat and that too in an unfortunate situation. Congress Leaders say KCR fear that the same thing may happen with his son KTR as well.

He feels that due to the Vaastu of the Secretariat buildings, Harish Rao will become the next heir of KCR and not KTR. Due to that, KCR wants to demolish these buildings and make things favorable for his son. Even though we do not know the authenticity of this theory, Congress will be using it to create a gap between KTR and Harish.