KCR: Daring Or Negligent?Telangana cabinet has assembled to decide about the Lockdown on the eve of the ongoing Lockdown restrictions ending today. The cabinet has decided to do away with the Lockdown completely from tomorrow (i.e., June 20th). Earlier there were reports that the cabinet will go for a night curfew but it is not the case.

We will have to wait for the G.O. for the finer details like allowing cinema theaters, pubs, etc. Telangana is the first government to completely do away with the Lockdown. Incidentally, the state government is one of the last governments to go for COVID-related restrictions starting with night curfew.

The Chief Minister felt it is not good for the economy to impose restrictions given the cases are coming down. So, has taken this step. Governments across the country are opting for phase-wise removal of the Lockdown. Some people call it a daring step while there are others who criticize the government to be negligent.

Only time will tell if this is a daring decision or a negligent decision. The state has been registering around 1,500 COVID-19 cases on a daily basis. The capital – GHMC area has been recording around 150 cases followed by Rangareddy with about 100 cases on a daily basis.