KCR-Cut-Off-With-Ground--RealityAfter a sudden disappearance for two weeks, Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhara Rao finally came back to the Pragathi Bhavan from his Erravelli Farm House on Saturday. These two weeks, there is absolute chaos as people were concerned about the mishandling of the COVID Crisis in the state.

Several questions are being raised and anti-Government hashtags were trending on Twitter for the first time in TRS’ Six years rule. Even diehard fans of the Pink Party could not support the Government’s careless attitude. Finally, when the Chief Minister arrived, we would expect him to take stock of the situation.

But then, KCR held a Review meeting of agriculture and asked the officials to ensure Rythu Bandu to any leftover farmers. Even though it is commendable, the timing seems to be very wrong. “If at all, the Chief Minister is close to any sort of ground reality, he should be reviewing the COVID situation in the state,” Political Experts.

“Either KCR is cut off to ground reality or he is too careless and wants to send a message to the Opposition that he does not care about them. But such a message will also go to the people of Telangana which is very dangerous,” they add. Let us hope things will change for good.