Huzoornagar-Election-Turned-Crucial-For-KCR-in-the-Last-MinuteTelangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhara Rao is constructing a new house. KCR is constructing this house in his Farm House at Erravelli. There is already a house in the farmhouse, the Chief Minister got it demolished and started constructing a new spacious house in the same place, a few months ago.

On Sunday early hours, KCR couple erected a new Gadapa for the house. Sringeri Pandits have finalized this Muhurath for the erection of the Main Door frame. They also performed Special Pooja to a cow on this eve. KCR relatives and family members have attended this event.

Sources in the TRS party tell us that the Chief Minister wants to settle down in the house once he retires from Politics. He wants to be away from city pollution and traffic. The house will have swanky facilities and tight security. Architects from Italy are rumored to be working on the house interiors.

It may be known to our readers that KCR frequently works from his farmhouse and bring the entire administration to Erravelli in those days.