The first cabinet of KCR led Telangana government is truly surprising. Besides ignoring women and Employee Union biggies, KCR also cleverly sidelined his nephew, Harish Rao. One look at the portfolios of the ministers you can see Harish Rao is deprived of the crucial ministries. Nayani Narasimha Reddy and Eetela Rajendra got the crucial Home and Finance while Harish Rao was given the not so important water resources and Assembly Affairs ministry.

There are news in the media from few days that things are not going on well between Harish Rao and KCR. Even though they declined it. The fact is clearly evident from KCR giving important portfolios to his loyalists and ignoring Harish Rao. In fact, Harish Rao is the most active and knowledgeable leader in TRS. He fought almost single handedly with opposition parties in and outside Assembly during Telangana struggle. He is also known to be a very good leader in his Assembly and often achieves one of the record majorities in the state in every election.