KCR JaganThe last week, in an interview, AP CM Jagan Mohan Reddy mentioned that his Telangana counterpart KCR never really mentioned or discussed about his national party plans – BRS.

BRS is taking Andhra Pradesh more seriously than any other state until now.

But then, going by the moves of BRS in AP, it appears like there is a broader plan behind the scenes.

BRS has appointed a Kapu leader from Janasena as its President. We have seen a few leaders of Janasena join the party as well. These moves give doubts if KCR is after Janasena.

And here is more to that. There are reports that BRS is banking on Kapu politics in Andhra Pradesh politics.

Buzz is that BRS will give most seats to the Kapu community in Andhra Pradesh and will also go to the election with the Kapu CM slogan.

It looks like a ploy to bring in a divide in the Kapu vote bank in case of an alliance between TDP and Janasena.

In such a case, YSR Congress will be the real beneficiary.

If Pawan Kalyan allies with BRS as ABN RK is speculating, Pawan Kalyan will unknowingly become a part of the game.