Chandrababu-Naidu-KCRBoth the Chandrams will face crucial elections in their career in a year or two. The sections are crucial for them to announce their sons as their heirs and extend the political future of their regional parties.

After a humiliating defeat in 2019 for Chandrababu and a pouncing BJP at his doorstep, the challenges are more or less the same for both parties.

Also, the elections are going to be a test for their experience and political mettle. Known to be shrewd political brains, they are suddenly up against the modern day election warfare that runs mostly on social media and Whatsapp.

Even though there is a denial, 2019 election result in Andhra Pradesh is an indication that Political Strategists are going to be very crucial in the Whatsapp Era.

Jagan got benefitted immensely due to I-PAC and had a historical victory in 2019.

Hence we have seen KCR employing Prashant Kishor and Chandrababu using the services of Sunil Kanugolu. Reports are that there are fissures in the association already.

I-PAC is already running with limited resources in Telangana and their contract with TRS may totally end after Manugode By-election. TDP also relieved Sunil from day to day affairs but may take his advice on a larger perspective.

That said, both KCR and Chandrababu did not get along with the modern warfare and are ready to fight the important elections with their own strengths.

If they win, they will pass the biggest test of their political career and if they do not, they would lamenting the decision big time.