KCR calms down on Gurukul Trust lands!Gurukul Trust Lands controversy is one of the first controversies under KCR government. As soon as in power, the government tried to demolish some buildings on those illegal lands and later even began charging 10 times the water bills and power bills.

However ahead of the crucial GHMC elections, KCR on Friday announced that the government will regularize all the illegal constructions in these lands. According to official figures there are 800 buildings here and out of which 450 are apartments. Government is expected to get a minimum of 100 Crore income from these lands alone.

Gurukul Trust has 627 acres land there. Out of which the then government gave 140 acres to Novotel, HICC and others. And one person in the trust illegally sold most of the remaining lands to various people and societies. Government argued that the lands in the possession of endowments ministry can not be sold by private people and the controversy is stirring since then.