KCR Brings Former Congress MP Vivek into LimelightTelangana CM KCR has brought the ex-MP Vivek back to the stage by posting him as the advisor of State affairs. Reports say that Vivek would have been considered to be given a position in TRS party due to the popularity he has in Pedda Palli as a former MP and also because of his father Venkata Swamy’s fame who is a former Central minister.

Earlier Vivek lost in elections when he competed from congress for Peddapalli division. Vivek though was a congress MP then, he had supported TRS at the time of Telangana movement but for the elections, he went back to congress and competed as a congress leader. After he lost the elections, he along with his brother joined TRS.

Whatever the past of Vivek is, TRS has considered his reputation in Peddapalli and have given a position in the party and actually brought him to the limelight.