KCR Books YS jaganThe Chief Ministers of both the Telugu states have tried to corner the Central Government on the same day. On Sunday, Jagan Government has tried to blame the Central Government for rising fuel prices in FrontPage ads in all major Newspapers.

On the same day in the evening, Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhara Rao also lambasted Central Government on many issues including the Fuel Prices. KCR declared that he will go hammer and tongs on the Central Government from now. The sudden revolt of the CMs against the Center has come as a surprise to everyone.

Both the Chief Ministers have co-operated with the BJP in the Parliament in the passage of several important bills. BJP getting strong in Telangana has pushed KCR to get into the attack mode. But then, Jagan is in no mood of having a tangle with BJP with many pending cases on himself.

The Front Page ads are a kind of escape route from the fuel prices issue and unexpectedly with KCR’s Pressmeet, the issue got flared up and may have got into the radar of the Delhi bosses. KCR even mentioned Jagan’s Paper ads in his Pressmeet. Now, along with KCR’s issue, Jagan‘s issue is also on Modi – Amit Shah’s radar.

There are even doubts if both the CMs are hand in glove trying to make BJP a villain in the fuel prices issue. YSR Congress leaders are now worried about the possible repercussions.