KCR Blind Towards Own People!Telangana Government has cracked a whip on hospitals that are overcharging COVID-19 patients, particularly in Hyderabad. The state government’s competent authority has issued show-cause notices to 64 hospitals and also cracked down on four hospitals for excessive billing.

Neelima Hospital, Sanathnagar, Max hospital in Kukatpally, and TX hospitals in Kachiguda are the hospitals at the receiving end and can no longer treat COVID-19 patients. The list of 64 hospitals is going on viral on social media. Even though there are some big players, people are pointing out about Yashoda hospital missing out.

The bosses of Yashoda are close to Chief Minister KCR. The hospital is like KCR’s family hospital. The Chief Minister has got treated in the same hospital when he is down with COVID-19. Twitterati is commenting that Yashoda got away from the list using their connection.

Leaving aside Yashoda, it is a surprise how the health department zeroed in only 64 hospitals in Hyderabad. The fact is that each and every hospital is minting money in the COVID era.