KCR's Biggest Wrong CalculationThe Comptroller and Auditor General of India (CAG) has said that Telangana Government overstated its revenue surplus due to irregular accounting. CAG said that for 2016-17, Telangana had a revenue deficit of 5392 Crore while it has claimed a revenue surplus of 1386 Crore.

The state reportedly represented the money from the external borrowings as its income to showcase itself as Revenue Surplus. Telangana has inherited Revenue Surplus budget from the bifurcatiion and Chief Minister K Chandrasekhara Rao do not want to showcase it as his failure by making it a Revenue Deficit.

But then, now the government is embarrassed. Political Experts say the state government has missed a trick here. “You don’t need CAG to tell you that Telangana government is fudging the accounts. It is impossible for any state government to take up mega projects like Kaleswaram and mission Bhageeratha and still remain revenue surplus,” they opined.

“KCR should have bravely said we are spending money on huge Irrigation Projects and are undertaking several schemes so the Deficit is very much expected. Trying to cover it up has dented the image of the Government,” they said. This coverup by the government has given a chance for the Opposition to criticize the government.