KCR-BRS-Car-SymbolKCR has entered the elections mood already. He has advised his MLAs and MPs to start going into the public and explain the good works of the BRS government over set the stage for the election campaign.

Cut to now, KCR’s biggest concern got reignited with the latest act by the election commission.

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The election commission released a set of party symbols and the BRS troops are distraught about the same as they allege that there are many symbols that closely replicate the car symbol of BRS.

The EC released 193 new symbols for independent candidates and BRS say that symbols like Road Roller, Chapati roller, sewing machine, television, and other symbols are very similar to BRS’s Car symbol.

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The argument by the BRS troops is that these similar symbols will creat confusion amongst the rural folk and eat into the prospects of BRS’s voting trends.

With KCR in national plans, he has been vocal about the EC rolling out symbols similar to his party’s car symbol. Now, the EC has released a new set of symbols ahead of the election and this is leaving KCR in more tension now.

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