KCR Being Courageous Or Foolish?Telangana Rashtra Samiti has got a rude shock in the form of the Huzurabad By-election result. Despite spending so much money and muscle, Eetala Rajender cruised to a comfortable victory. Many predict this to be the starting of the fall of the KCR Government.

Naturally, when something of that sort happens, we expect Chief Ministers to play a safe game. We will see them showering freebies and postponing any price hikes or new taxes. But then, KCR seems to be not worried about the doomsday predictions and is in no mood of playing safe.

When the state governments are cutting down taxes on Petrol and Diesel, KCR is staying mum even though he is aware that public sentiment is against him. The Opposition is already trying to corner the Government on this issue. Meanwhile, there are reports that the Government is mulling an increase in RTC charges very soon.

Probably, KCR wants to send a message that Huzurabad’s result is not pushing him into panic mode. But then, it has to be seen if this is a wise or a foolish decision. But then, only time can answer it.