Telangana government lead K Chandra Sekhar Rao had beaten the Andhra Pradesh government led Chandra Babu Naidu on Facebook. Even though Chandra Babu and Telugu Desam Party has more following among techies, the likes of Telangana government facebook page are more than that of the likes in AP government page. The official Facebook page of Telangana government has nearly 50,000 followers and the Twitter handle of Telangana government (@TelanganaCMO) has 2,710 followers.

Where as the Facebook page ‘Andhra Pradesh Government’has 11,034 Likes and its Twitter handle has only 1,228 followers. The pages of Telangana government were maintained by IT & C Dept of Telangana while Telugu Desam Party IT team maintains the pages of AP government. Interestingly, Telugu Desam party’s page has over 7 lakhs followers, which is the highest, compared to many other political party pages in the country.