KCR-Andhra-Pradesh-CasteTelangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao rechristened his TRS party as BRS and is harboring National ambitions.

His immediate target will be the states bordering Telangana to get the 6% vote share in at least four states to get the National Party Status for BRS.

It will be very interesting to see how KCR will approach Andhra Pradesh. There are rumors that KCR will have a huge Public meeting in Vijayawada – Guntur region during Sankranthi.

KCR did not name any leaders to lead BRS in Andhra Pradesh. But then, some leaders are hitting ground in the name of BRS.

The leaders belong to KCR’s Velama community. Also, the activity of BRS is confined to the areas where Velama and Koppula Velama population is significant.

These castes are present in parts of the Uttarandhra and Godavari districts.

Probably, KCR can attract a handful of leaders in the name of Caste but in order to attract the voters, BRS has to come up with something different. Especially after all that rants KCR has made against Andhra during the agitation days.