KCR Backtracked on Congress' ChallengeTelangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhara Rao is one Politician who never backtracks when someone challenged him but then KCR remained silent today on a challenge posed by Congress Senior MLA, Jeevan Reddy on Muslim Reservations Issue.

Jeevan Reddy asked KCR to take up the challenge of convincing the center over the Reservations to Muslims or will not ask Muslims for votes in the next election. Jeevan Reddy reminded KCR about how he challenged about not asking for votes if drinking water is not provided to every household before 2019 elections.

But then, KCR did not respond to the challenge and backfired on Jeevan Reddy in his own aggressive style. Back of the mind, KCR may not be confident that Modi government will co-operate on the issue. KCR will be meeting the Prime Minister on 23rd of this month to help in this issue.