KCR appoints Andhra LawyerTelangana government is keen on getting back the 900 acres of encroached land around Hyderabad. Since many years, AP Government is fighting legal battles in Supreme Court regarding this land and Telangana government will be continuing the battle now. These encroached lands will go in to several thousand crores. Telangana government recently released a GO appointing an advocate to deal with these cases.

That particular GO is becoming controversial now as the task is entrusted to an Andhra advocate, TV Ratnam. Telangana lawyers are themselves angry up on this move of the government. They criticize the government for reaching out to Andhra lawyer after alleging discrimination to Telangana people.

Usually such arguments are struck off saying TV Ratnam has the merit but it is not the case with Telangana government. It is known that Telangana government is seeing lands in Hyderabad and Rangareddy as a very valuable income making source and so is making all efforts to get back the encroached lands.