KCR And Kammas: Before and After TelanganaTelangana government has allotted 5 acres to the Kammavari Seva Sangha Samiti and five acres to the All India Velama Association in the HITEC city area. The G.O. to that extent was given on June 30th. The Kamma association is allotted lands adjoining the road leading to the Ayyappa Society near the HITEC City Road.

The Velama association got land adjoining the NAC Road. It is the costliest area in Greater Hyderabad City. One yard of land rate here is Rs. 80 lakhs. That is Rs. 87 crores per acre. As per this calculation, the total value of ten acres of land allotted to the Velama and Kamma castes by the state government is Rs 870 crores.

TRS used to oppose the Kamma community before the bifurcation. This has changed drastically after the bifurcation but the community has shifted its support to TRS after the state formation. Meanwhile, Chief Minister KCR belongs to the Velama community.

Both the castes continue to be influential in the TRS regime, the Opposition alleges.