KCR-and-Jagan-Fallout-News-Making-A-Group--SleeplessThere are several reports about the relations between the Chief Ministers of both the Telugu States getting stained. Andhra Pradesh opposing the National Status to Kaleshwaram Project indicates that there is no smoke without fire. Incidentally, CM Jagan attended the Project inauguration as a Special Guest.

There are reports that Jagan gave up the proposal of the Joint Project to divert Godavari waters to Krishna. Assuming that the news of the fallout is true, it will be very interesting to see how some people would react to this development.

This group was united in their hatred for CBN and supported both the Chief Ministers on every issue and cheered their early bonhomie.

They gave it a sugar coating of ‘Cordial Relations Needed to Go Forward and Resolve the Bifurcation issues’. But not a single issue got solved until now for obvious reasons. Now, the interesting part is how they are going to pick a side if it reaches the stage of confrontation.

TDP will be interesting in watching these developments in the enemy camps. Meanwhile, both TRS and YSR Congress would not want to make their differences too obvious since that would make Chandrababu Naidu happy.