KCR and Chandrababu Naidu Offer Shelter for JDS MLAYeddyurappa was sworn in as the new Chief Minister of Karnataka this morning and he has to prove his Majority on the floor of the house in 15 days from now. Fearing horse trading, Congress and JDS are resorting to Camp Politics to save their MLAs.

Reports are emerging that JDS is going to send its MLAs to Vishakapatnam and Hyderabad. Chandrababu is seen as a foe to BJP now and KCR has already supported JDS before this election. So, Deve Gowda feels they are safe in both the Telugu States.

On the other side, Congress is sending its MLAs to Kerala where there is a communist government which opposes BJP Government tooth and nail. Currently, both the party MLAs are stationed in a Resort at Karnataka. With Yeddy taking the oath, they feel MLAs are not safe.