Finally, Kathi Mahesh Relocates!

Kathi Mahesh Shifts base to VijayawadaAfter being expelled from Hyderabad for making objectionable comments on Hindu religion and Lord Rama, Kathi Mahesh moved to AP from where the AP police escorted him to Bangalore. Later, the guy tried to make some revolutionary moves in his own style which no one gave a heck of. Now the critic came back to the Telugu city and not to Hyderabad.

Of course, he cannot go to Hyderabad. He is banned there. That is why the critic appeared in Vijayawada city claiming Andhra Pradesh to be his place and is apparently going to settle there. “I was banned in Hyderabad, not in AP. So I came here,” he said.

When asked what are his plans next, Kathi says he has interest in politics now. As he claims, he would make a direct entry into politics for the coming elections after the issues of his ban in the court gets resolved. He filed a petition in the court taking the ban on him in the Telangana city and the case is yet to get a resolution. Well, first cinema critic, then political reviewer and future politician? Looks like Kathi has biggest plans.

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