Yeddyurappa- SiddaramaiahThe Magic Figure is playing Hide and Seek with BJP in Karnataka Elections. The Saffron Party may fall short of Around Five seats for the Simple Majority. That means Karnataka Electorate has voted for a Hung. Now that complicates things for BJP even though it has crossed the 100 mark.

Now, As the Single largest party BJP will be called to form the government since Congress and JDS are not in Pre-poll alliance. If BJP fails to attract JDS and prove majority, one can expect a Cong-JDS Government.

In such a case, we may probably with a JDS Chief Minister since they can also back BJP otherwise and will have the higher bargaining Power. JDS may tilt towards Congress since it can target the Chief Minister Post if an alliance with Congress but can not bargain much with BJP which is the Single Largest Party.

Party Lead Won
Congress 1 77
BJP 0 104
JDS 1 37
Others 0 2