Kapu Reservation Issue to be Solved by Year End?Confidential Sources within the government tells us that the government has asked the BC Commission to speed up its report which is crucial for Kapu Reservation. The government is seeking the report by December and it will have to pass a resolution in the Assembly for the reservations.

The resolution will have to be sent to the Central Government as the new reservations will increase the existing quota to the mandated 50%. Only Central Government can allow that making changes to the concerned sections in the Constitution.

Manjunadha Commission which toured all the districts of the state encountered a strange problem. Except for the Kamma community, all the castes including those belonging to the Upper Castes would like to have themselves in BC Category and reservations for their communities.

Chandrababu Naidu is keen on solving the Kapu Reservations issue which may become a big problem for 2019 Elections. TDP has promised Reservations to the community before 2014 elections and is likely to take a decision in favour of that.