YSRCP-Kapu-LeadersYSR Congress tried to harass Janasena President Pawan Kalyan in Vishakapatnam but in the process pushed him to get close with Chandrababu Naidu.

Kapu leaders in YSR Congress are suddenly in distress. Jagan always used Kapu leaders like Perni Nani, Gudivada Amar, Ambati Rambabu, and others to criticize Pawan Kalyan.

These leaders used filthy language against Pawan Kalyan. But then, in the process, they polarized Kapu voters against YSR Congress.

Those Kapu leaders who do not badmouth Pawan Kalyan are also at risk as they chose to be silent when someone big from the caste is so humiliated.

The party’s high command has been telling them that Janasena is not able to polarize Kapu voters as the party is not a winning horse and voters would not bet on a losing party.

But then the situation turned red all of sudden. If Janasena and TDP are going in an alliance, it is a winning horse and there is a good chance for the polarization to take place.

The Kapu leaders who have spoken like there is no tomorrow are in trouble all of sudden now.