Kamma Quota: Cabinet Berth Again For Kodali Nani?Kodali Nani was stripped of his cabinet berth in the recent expansion. With that, there is no Kamma representation in Jagan’s cabinet.

It is the first time after independence that there are no Kammas in the state cabinet. Even though there is less percentage of the Kamma population in Telangana, even KCR has them in their cabinet.

In recent times, there is discontent in that community about being sidelined and humiliated in Jagan’s regime.

According to the rumor mills, Jagan has sensed the consolidation of Kamma voters towards TDP and is contemplating taking Kodali Nani once again into the cabinet.

Traditionally, it is assumed that Kammas favor TDP but they are never polarized to that party.

We have seen strong Kamma leaders like Purandeshwari, Rayapati, Kavuri, Pinnamaneni, and others in Congress during YSR’s regime. But Jagan missed the balance after that.

So, he is thinking to make amends for that with elections fast approaching.