Kamma-Kapu, Kamma-Kapu Equations Andhra Pradesh, Kamma-Kapu Equations AP, Kamma-Kapu Equations TDP Party, Kamma-Kapu Equations Chandrababu Reports are emerging that Vangaveeti Radha and Devineni Nehru are both interested in joining the ruling Telugu Desam. TDP General Secretary, Nara Lokesh already sat with Nehru a month ago and finalized the deal for his arrival into the party. But then Devineni’s joining is stalled in the last minute.

Radha also sent feelers about interest in joining TDP but imposed a condition that they should not admit Devineni Nehru. The former Minister is said to be one of the accused in Vangaveeti Ranga’s murder and so both the sides do not see eye to eye. Devineni also expressed similar inhibitions over Radha.

But then both of them are important for Telugu Desam in Krishna district. Devineni Nehru’s admission will consolidate the party’s image in the dominant Kamma community while Radha will bring with him the Kapu supporters whose support is necessary for the wake of Kapu strongman Mudragada Padmanabham trying to dent TDP image in Kapu people.

Naidu will concentrate on this issue in a couple of days and wants to take a decision over this before Vinayaka Chaviti. Naidu in his regime so far managed to rein arch-rivals of same place and got them work together for the party despite personal differences. It has to be seen if he does the same here which can be a very big achievement given the rivalry background.