Pochimareddy-Ravindranath-Reddy-JaganKamalapuram constituency in Kadapa district is being represented by Jagan’s Uncle, P Ravindranath Reddy. He won two times from the constituency i.e., in 2014 and 2019.

There is a sentiment in Kamalapuram that no candidate wins more than two elections in a row. Previously, Senior leader Mysoora Reddy won two times in a row and lost the third election.

There are at least three instances of two-time MLAs losing in third elections. TDP MLC Putta Narasimha Reddy lost three elections here and TDP may not give him ticket for the fourth time.

Kamalapuram is a stronghold of YSR Congress but MLA Ravindranath Reddy who is a staunch believer of such sentiments is skeptical about contesting the election.

Ravindranath Reddy wants to get the ticket for his son, Naren Ramanjula Reddy from Kamalapuram in 2024. He got elected as a ZPTC for CK Dinna in the last local elections.

In case that is not possible, he wants to move to some other constituency.