Kalyan Ram’s Counter to Jagan: Better Than NTRThe YCP government’s decision to rename NTR University after YSR has led to wide rebuke. There’s a lot of criticism on the same. Here’s an interesting incident in this context involving Jr NTR and Kalyan Ram.

Earlier today, NTR shared a tweet, in which he faulted Jagan’s decision to change the name of NTR university. But his statement was a diplomatic one. He weighed Sr NTR and YSR equally, which didn’t go well with TDP fans.

On the other hand, Kalyan Ram has now impressed TDP fans with his straight-to-the-point statement.

“Sr NTR established the university with a noble aim. It pains me to see the name of the university being changed for political gains. It has been in existence for 25 years and no one changed its name till now. This is a big mistake,” he stated.

TDP fans now opine that Kalyan Ram’s statement is much better than that of Jr NTR’s as he stuck to the point and took a strong stance without any diplomacy.