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Kaleshwaram Project – Boon or Bane for Telangana?

kaleshwaram-lift-irrigation-project-boon-or-bane-for-telanganaKaleshwaram Lift Irrigation may prove to be a big burden for Telangana. The project will cost approximately 80500 Crore according to the project DPR. Besides this, the project will involve 4067 Crore Power costs every year and another 110.82 Crore for annual maintenance costs.

This Project will bring 225 TMCs of water into usage and is likely to benefit 1581 villages in Seven districts of Telangana. It will irrigate 738851 hectares in Khariff every year and 222647 acres in Rabi season. So, the Telangana government is braving the huge costs.

According to the project DPR, the government says every Rupee spent for this project will bring 1.55 Rupees of income. They say this project if completed, will make Telangana drought free and will get KCR’s name etched in history books forever.

But then there are people who doubt the commercial viability of the project. These are all initial estimations of the project and are likely to shoot up several times by the time they are complete. So, time will only tell if this project will be a boon or bane to Telangana


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