Kakinada Parl To Pitapuram: Demotion To Vanga Geetha?Vanga Geetha has won as Kakinada MP from YSR Congress in 2019 elections. This time Jagan wants her to contest for Assembly. She will be in the fray from Pitapuram in 2024.

Pitapuram YSR Congress MLA Pendem Dorababu will be accommodated in some nominated posts. Vanga Geetha joined YSR Congress just before the 2019 elections and got a seat.

Geetha previously served as Rajya Sabha MP for TDP. After that, she joined Praja Rajyam and won as MLA from Pitapuram.

Geetha was politically inactive for many years before 2019 but won in Jagan’s wave.

Survey reports say that Geetha can not win as MP in 2024 but has chances in Pitapuram. So, Jagan is sending her for Assembly this time.

Kapu voting is dominant in Pitapuram. Also, she has good connections in the villages of the constituency.

Geetha is hoping for a cabinet berth if she wins and her party comes to power in 2024.

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