Sunkara-Pavani-Vanamadi-KondababuGroup politics are plaguing TDP in the Kakinada City constituency. Former MLA Vanamadi Kondababu is the incharge of the Kakinada City constituency. He previously contested five times on a TDP ticket but managed to win only twice.

The party cadre is not happy about him as they feel he only wins when there is a wave for the party. On the other side, former Mayor Sunkara Pavani is also expecting a ticket this time.

YSR Congress engineered defections in TDP and ensured that Pavani lost her Mayor post one year before she completed her term. Back then, there was an offer that she can continue as Mayor if she defects to YSR Congress but she did not agree.

Pavani hopes that Chandrababu Naidu will reward her loyalty. 80% of the voters in Kakinada City are fishermen and Kapus.

While Vanamadi is from the Fishermen community, Pavani is from Kapu. In the anticipation of getting a seat, both of them are maintaining groups and fight with each other.

TDP cadre wants the party to decide on the candidate as soon as possible so that there is no confusion.