YS-Vivekananda-Reddy-Avinash ReddyMultiple media houses have reported about CBI naming Kadapa YSR Congress MP YS Avinash Reddy in Viveka’s murder case. It is mentioned in the charge sheet that Viveka wanted Kadapa MP ticket to him or YS Sharmila or Vijayamma which did not go well with Avinash.

“We are investigating about Avinash’s role in this murder,” CBI mentioned in the charge sheet. Erra Gangireddy, Dastgir, Sunil Yadav, and Uma Shankar Reddy have participated in this murder as they have other personal issues with Viveka.

A Supari of 40 Crore Rupees is involved in the murder. So far, CBI did not question the MP about this case. With elections fast approaching, this can be big trouble for Avinash and YSR Congress. There are already speculations in social media if this issue got something to do with the rift between Jagan and Sharmila.

Jagan alleged Chandrababu Naidu’s role in this murder before the elections but it turns out that his family members are involved and the case may get murkier as CBI gets to the bottom of the case.