Kabja Attempt On Chandrababu's Family LandAndhra Pradesh has become such even the land of the Opposition leader is not safe. In to the details, Chandrababu Naidu‘s father Kharjura Naidu purchased 87 cents of land in Naravaripalle village and later passed it on to Chandrababu and his brother, Ram Murthy Naidu. The Former Chief Minister donated his part of the land to the construction of a hospital and a wedding hall.

Some people are trying to encroach the remaining 38 cents of land in Survey number 222/5. They are trying to lay a fence on the land. It has to be seen what the Police and Government will do about it. Will they take action or leave it thinking anyways it will be a loss to Chandrababu’s family only.

The land has been registered in Ram Murthy Naidu’s name but it is not marked as such online. The encroachers are taking advantage of that, TDP cadre alleges. Chandrababu’s family members did not arrive at the spot but the locals and TDP supporters are trying to stop them.

The police also did not reach the spot (at the time of writing the article) despite the commotion. If a former Chief Minister and the current Opposition leader’s family land is being encroached, it sends a very bad signal about the law and order of the state to the investors as well as the outsiders.