KA Paul: Roja Oka Pandi, Kodali Oka KukkaKA Paul is one of the more comical personalities in Telugu states politics. But his comments often tend to go viral on social media. Now, he has come down heavily on YCP’s Roja and Kodali Nani who recently made sarcastic comments on Paul and Pawan Kalyan.

“I guess this Roja is bit by a mad dog. She certainly talks like one. Maybe she eats like a pig. She is out of her mind. Didn’t Jagan find a better person than Roja to give the Ministry to?” Paul commented.

Adding further, Paul said “I don’t know who this Kodali Nani is. But he apparently commented about me unnecessarily. I think he is a mad dog. Someone needs to put a leash on him. He is a Picchi Kukka.”

Paul has called out YCP’s firebrands and made some hard hitting comments against them. Given YCP’s nature, it wouldn’t be too big of a surprise if they come down on Paul again which would in turn make it more comical.