KCR Is Born In A Family With 100 Acres!Minister KTR laid the foundation for a Government school which will be constructed in his personal village in the memory of his late grandmother at her ancestral village Konapur in Kamareddy.

KTR wronged the Opposition which calls KCR as Farmhouse CM.

“KCR was born in a family with 100 acres. Some people are calling him Farmhouse CM. Is it wrong to construct a house in the middle of agricultural lands?” KTR questioned.

KTR also visited his ancestral house in the village and fondly remembered the memories.

“People talk easily about various things done by our government. If they are easy, why did they not do them in 60 years?” he questioned.

KCR hails from the family of farmers. So, he understands farmers very well and is doing many welfare and development schemes for them,” he said.

Earlier today, KTR tweeted a plan for the school to be constructed in Konapur. Appreciations are pouring in for the minister for doing it with his own funds.