Justice for DishaThe Gruesome Rape and Murder of #JusticeForDisha has evoked strong reactions from all quarters of the Society. Film Celebrities across the Indian Cinema are also responding on their part. There are suggestions pouring in from everywhere that should be done to prevent such instances in the future.

That brings us to a natural question if most of the films are glorifying women’s Harassment with misogynistic films. In the defense of the film industry, people always claim that films are the work of fiction and only represent the behavior of the characters but do not endorse them.

That is very much true but the big problem is in the country with a massive population of illiterates. Often the people do not have a sense of differentiating between fiction and reality. They tend to take the misogynist behavior as heroism and tend to display male chauvinism in the real-life as well.

In some extreme cases, some become perverts and resort to rapes. The role of the Film Industry can not be discounted in these crimes. Film Celebrities before giving about Gyan should retrospect the kind of films they make and should strive to inculcate the values of respecting women.

This Story done by a Mirchi9.com staffer is not in accordance with the law protecting the privacy of the victim. We sincerely apologise to the people named in this piece as well as to all our readers. We assure the readers that there is no malicious intent in our reporting and it is only a mistake on our part. Mirchi9.com adhers to all the laws governing the country. The Mistake has been rectified and with that, the persons responsible. Thank you.