Jagan-Payyavula-KeshavThe security of TDP leader and PAC chairman Payyavula Keshav has been withdrawn by the government.

The government ordered the gunmen working for him to come back.

Till yesterday he had 1+1 security. The TDP leaders are angry about this decision.

Keshav became active for the last few days and is cornering the government on pegasus and phone tapping issues.

Payyavula is one of the most vocal leaders of TDP. The TDP Senior leader has been mostly inactive for the last three years.

So, the government wants to silence him. Payyavula is the PAC Chairman and it is a cabinet rank.

Any cabinet rank leader is entitled to government security.

A few days ago, Payyavula wrote a letter to the government to increase his security. In this order, the removal of security for him is the subject of discussion.