Just One Option Remained for JD Lakshminarayana?Former CBI JD Lakshminarayana has quit Janasena Party last week alleging that Pawan Kalyan is going forward with inconsistent policies. He found fault with Pawan Kalyan going back on his word and doing films. Now, there are speculations about his political future.

Since Janasena and BJP are allies in Andhra Pradesh Politics, there are very fewer chances that he will choose to go to the Saffron Party. Even the party may not admit him since such a move will make Pawan Kalyan uncomfortable. After the role played by him in Jagan’s cases, YSR Congress is already a ruled option.

So, Lakshminarayana may be left only with the option of TDP now. Before the elections, there were rumors that Lakshminarayana would contest from TDP but he joined Janasena at the last minute. He contested from Vishakapatnam Parliament and split TDP votes which defeated TDP candidates there.

Sources tell us that Lakshminarayana would want to take a break from politics before deciding what to do next.