Junior NTR Backstabbed ChandrababuDirector VV Vinayak had made an explosive revelation in an interview.

Vinayak mentioned that it was Tarak who insisted and got tickets for Kodali Nani and Vallabhaneni Vamsi who have deserted the party now and are making critical comments on Chandrababu Naidu.

Vinayak went on to say that he and Tarak went to Chandrababu for the seat to Kodali Nani.

“Vamsi spent a lot in his constituency and worked there. Tarak may have played a role but Vamsi had other reasons as well to get the ticket. But Kodali Nani got ticket entirely due to Tarak,” Vinayak revealed.

The interviewer then mentioned how Nani and Vamsi are badmouthing Chandrababu.

“Nani hates Chandrababu in those days as well. He used to talk similarly back then also but in private may be due to the NT Ramarao issue. I was upset with some of his words and also mentioned them to him. But I don’t know their politics,” Vinayak revealed.

A Section of TDP fans is fuming at Tarak for bringing Kodali Nani into the party and getting him a ticket despite knowing that he badmouths Chandrababu in private.

“It is clear Tarak had made the career of Nani despite Chandrababu not being interested. This is even though Tarak knows about Kodali Nani’s real side,” they are complaining.

“Nani and NTR may be close but he should not have kept that above party interests. We always thought it is Nani who backstabbed TDP and Chandrababu but it looks like it is NTR who backstabbed the party,” they allege.

NTR supporters, however, say the star earned the right for campaigning for Telugu Desam.