YS Jagan BailWe are three days away from a new month. Jagan Government in Andhra Pradesh seems to be tensed as the month is approaching. The summer vacation of the Supreme court is ending tomorrow. ABN Radhakrishna has already announced fighting against the sedition case filed by the APCID.

“Every official who lodged a false case on ABN and everyone who is supporting them including the Chief Minister will be made responsible in the case we file,” RK announced. Raghu Ramakrishna Raju’s petition for CBI inquiry on his custodial violence will also begin in the second week of July.

A few crucial developments are also going to happen in RRR’s case to revoke the bail of the Chief Minister. It is quite common to have at least 2-3 decisions of the government land in court for one reason or the other. So, we will see a lot of drama in the courts in the month of July.

We will have to see how the government fights all these cases!