Jr NTR TDPA lot has been said and written about the gap between Junior NTR and TDP/Nandamuri family. A section of fans has cropped up in recent years claiming themselves as Only NTR fans.

We have seen them trying to belittle Telugu Desam Party. We have seen them supporting YSR Congress and wishing an end to TDP. There are some crazy supporters who believe TDP should die under Chandrababu or Lokesh and should come alive when NTR takes over the reins some 15-20 years later.

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But what is NTR’s mind? We definitely do not know but NTR is someone who will never go against the party or family line.

We have seen him commenting albeit indirectly when YSR Congress humiliated Bhuvaneshwari in the assembly.

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And here is one more incident. Last week, we have seen Central Government decide to issue a 100 Rupees Silver coin on Legend NTR. AP BJP tried to use it for political benefit saying that they have accepted the request of the Nandamuri family and Junior NTR.

This is an intentional ploy to alienate Telugu Desam Party to give the impression that the party did not make such a request meaning it has no interest in honoring NT Ramarao.

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Nandamuri family except for Purandeshwari and Junior NTR did not make any request. But they were added to the list to strengthen the case against the TDP.

It is also to be noted that the Nandamuri family and Junior NTR are shown separately just for the sake of establishing the divide between them. And also, to attract Junior’s fans.

AP BJP’s purpose would have been achieved if NTR acknowledged and thanked. That would put TDP in a spot of bother. But NTR did not allow the political mileage for BJP by scoring over TDP.

Balakrishna also did not respond but Balayya heeding to the party’s line is understandable but NTR doing that is some message to that small section of fans and those who doubt his loyalty towards TDP.