As Chandrababu Naidu sat for TDP’s First Major Protest this term, the Ruling Party seems to try all the tricks to divert the public attention. The latest is a scathing attack by Gannavaram MLA, Vallabhaneni Vamsi before the media. Vamsi who has been writing mild letters to Chandrababu went to the extent accusing the TDP Boss.

He raised the issue of how Junior NTR is sidelined from the party despite doing everything in the 2009 elections. This seems to be a big joke because Vamshi stayed at the party for 10 years after that and never had an issue regarding that. 

So, the Junior NTR issue seems to be just another poor reason. Vamshi sang praises about how the Government Performance and gave it a clean chit in the Sand and English Medium issues. He used the strongest of words on the TDP leadership trying to appease the new boss in the YSR Congress.

Junior NTR issue is a nice issue for any TDP leader as they expect a section of TDP Supporters will still support and try to use it as a morally valid reason for quitting the party. But that would make sense only if these leaders rebelled against Chandrababu back in 2009 itself.