Jagan - Jr NTR - Chandrababu Naidu
There is a certain gap between NTR and Balakrishna/TDP. No one knows the reason but everyone can sense the gap. NTR is keeping himself aloof from politics and is busy with his film career. But every now and then, the fans of NTR and Balakrishna/TDP lock horns.

A section of NTR fans calling themselves as ‘Only NTR fans’ even support YSR Congress just because of the angry on Balakrishna/Chandrababu Naidu. No one can guage the impact but this definitely impacts NTR’s career as well asTDP’s Vote Bank. But then, both the sides are starting to live without others.

All of sudden, NTR was forced to respond about the family with YSR Congress tainting Chandrababu Naidu’s wife character. He happens to be Legend NT Ramarao’s daughter and so, NTR can not ignore to respond. He did not name anyone but said they are a family.

He did not flare up but still said it is wrong. He asked the Ruling Party not to move towards Arachaka Paripaalana and advised them to stick to the issues pertaining the people. Some may have wanted NTR to be more aggressive but then, it is the best he could do in the current circumstances.

In this episode, there is a lesson for the section of NTR fans who support YSR Congress in the name of NTR – No matter how they differ, the family and the party are important for Tarak. They will have to stand by each other when needed. It makes no sense for both sides to take names and fight.